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History of Mini and Why Buy Used written by: funkychimp The Mini has a special place in many peoples hearts. It’s more than just a car, it has a real personality which you can enjoy. Owning a mini is more than just having a car to get from A to B, it’s a real love affair. If you are considering buying a used pre owned mini then you might want to know a few things about the history.

Mini History 101
The Mini was originally designed in England and produced by the BMC, Austin and Rover between 1959 until 2000. It was marketed as a small car which was economical to run and practical. It was one of the first front wheel drive cars which cut down on production costs. When rover got into financial difficulties the brands were broken up. The Mini brand was quite valuable since it had a cult appeal. This was sold to BMW who still produces cars under the Mini name, although they aren’t quite as small as they used to be.

Why Buy a Used pre owned mini?
Many people buy used cars, even if they could afford to buy new. There are plenty of reasons why you should buy a used vehicle instead of a new one. As soon as you buy a brand name car and buy it off the lot, it already loses a huge chunk of its value. It’s often cheaper to buy one that is second had but has been well looked after. There are many good reasons to buy a used pre owned mini.

Buying a Classic
If you want to buy a real classic mini before BMW had their way with the brand, then you will have no option other than to buy second hand. The only models currently available are ones made by BMW. If you want to experience the traditional mini then you really need to look out for a good example.

Reliable Cars
Minis are designed to be as reliable as possible, this means that there shouldn’t be any problem with buying a used vehicle instead of buying a new one. Just check that the car has a full service history, this is even more important with classic models which are older and will need more care. All used pre owned minis should be very reliable and shouldn’t let you down, as long as you continue to care for them properly.

One of the main reasons everyone will want to buy a used car of any sort is to save money. New cars are expensive and Used ones can be that bit cheaper. By buying a used pre owned mini you can save money and still get a beautiful looking car which is a lot of fun to drive.

Checking the Condition
Although there are plenty of reasons to buy a used pre owned mini, you still need to be very careful. Minis are well designed and should last for a long time. However, if it has been abused or neglected then it could end up being a liability. Read reviews about the age of mini you are considering buying so you can learn exactly what you should look out for. Also check that the Mini has been serviced regularly and well looked after.