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Buying a Used Jeep is Owning a Piece of History written by: terminvate Jeep is one of the most historical vehicles in the world, founded in 1941. They were the second 4-wheel-drive vehicles made in history, and had a massive impact on World War 2. They have a massive impact on military transportation with their small wheel-base, and ability to go just about anywhere. Today they’re more popular than ever in civilian use, and still get used by the military over 70 years later. Many people still think of a jeep as a military vehicle, even though they’ve been produced for civilians for just as long as they have for the military.
Reasons to Buy a Jeep
Buying a used pre owned jeep is a smart investment, because jeep holds their value extremely well. All vehicles depreciate in value, some quicker than others. Kelly Blue Book has jeep in the top 5 slowest depreciation values for mass-produced vehicles. If you ever decide to sell your jeep, it will still have value unlike some other vehicles.
Jeep has a strong following by a large off-road community who use them for extreme conditions. The folks who enjoy off-road cruising through mud, up hills, and on sand dunes, choose to buy a used pre owned jeep. For them, driving a new jeep in conditions that cause more wear and tear than on-road driving would be a mistake. They are well-known for their ability to be modified to achieve even greater accomplishments in off-road use. Upgrades often include large tires, lift kits, winches, and many other modifications to improve traction. It is common to find a used pre owned jeep modified for off-road use.
Different Types of Jeeps
Like many vehicle manufacturers, Jeep makes several models to appeal to a wide consumer range. The Jeep Wrangler is the often the choice for off-road enthusiasts. They are specifically built to dominate the mud, snow, and rugged terrain. They feature a lightweight design rated 5 star for trail and off-road use due to their traction, articulation, ground clearance, and water fording. There has been several different jeep wrangler models, but they all have the traditional look. The wrangler is the cornerstone of the jeep name, so buying a used pre owned Jeep Wrangler would put you in the vehicle that built the jeep tradition.
Jeep Cherokee is a wagon style off-road vehicle that has been in production for nearly 70 years. They offer a larger cabin for families and the ability to seat 5 people. They are the second most popular model in the history of jeep, and make a great family vehicle. They still have the high off-road performance, and do exceptionally well in snow and mud, but they don’t do as good in rocky terrain as the Wrangler models. Buying a used pre owned Jeep Cherokee would be a great move if you have a family, or want a larger sport utility vehicle for transporting equipment or work materials.
Jeep has several other models that they offer, and continue to produce fantastic quality vehicles no matter which model it is. Owning a jeep is more than just another vehicle, you own a piece of American history.