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History of Chrysler: Why to Buy a Used Pre Owned Chrysler written by: pboysen1310 From the very beginning, Chrysler has offered cars that feature innovations in terms of engineering and quality. For example, the very first Chrysler (the 70) rolled off the assembly line in 1924 featuring an oil filter, carburetor air filter, total pressure lubrication and a high compression engine. Most of the cars currently in production by other companies at that time did not have all of those features. Other innovations that Chrysler would bring to the auto industry in its earliest years included rubber mounts in the engine (to cut down vibration), superfinishing on shafts, Oilite bearings and four-wheel hydraulic braking systems. The safety wheel (adding a ridged rim to the road wheel to keep tires from flying off if they were flat) was an innovation that auto manufacturers throughout the industry would adopt. It was these innovations that pushed Chrysler up to #2 in American sales as early as 1936. In 1983, Chrysler would be the first to introduce the minivan, which is now one of the most common types of vehicles on the road today, and many of the most popular used pre owned Chrysler family vehicles today are minivans. The used pre owned Chrysler vehicles that you will find on the market today feature quality manufacturing and represent some of the best auto buying opportunities out there.
Buying a used pre owned Chrysler is a good idea for several reasons. The first, of course, is price. New cars are more expensive than their used counterparts. When you buy a new car, your up-front costs are generally higher than they are with a used cars, especially as many lenders require down payments of at least 10 percent with a new purchase. If you put less down, you face higher monthly payments. Certification programs for used cars are also making them more attractive. You can find many used pre owned Chrysler vehicles that feature certifications. They undergo rigid inspections of the body, engine and systems, and they have an additional warranty that goes past the original one from the factory, and this new warranty generally includes many of the same provisions as a new-car warranty. Cars that come from a certification program generally cost more, but the peace of mind that comes from the additional inspection makes the added cost worthwhile. Finally, the depreciation that makes the value of new cars plummet as soon as you leave the dealership is not a factor with used cars. New cars lose about 30 percent of their value, of not more, in the first 24 months of ownership. These three reasons make purchasing a used car a smart choice.
When it comes to a used pre owned Chrysler, several factors come into play. Even though Chrysler went through a protracted bankruptcy in 2009, it has emerged as a stronger company under the name of Chrysler Group LLC. In that same year, the U.S. government indicated that it would back all warranty claims for Chrysler vehicles if the company were unable to do so. This makes purchasing a used pre owned Chrysler a smart choice. If you are thinking about purchasing your next vehicle, give one of the Chrysler family of vehicles a close look.