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Used Pre Owned BMW: The History And Reliability Of German Crafted Engines

Anyone looking for a car knows that for used cars, a used pre owned BMW is a great car to buy. Used pre owned BMWS have a reputation for being reliable and very smooth cars that are hardly any trouble at all. BMW has a great history with car buyers and a long story behind how it came to be. BMW started in 1913 as a manufacturer of engines for aircraft. In English the initials in BMW stand for Bavarian Motor Works. This was the title of the company. These days BMW is a German automobile manufacturer, much like the German company Mercedes-Benz. Karl Friedrich Rapp began the company and established as “Rapp Motorenwerke” in Munich, Germany. He began to create his own line of aircraft engines but they experienced issues with vibrations. Today this company creates one of the best new and used cars on the market. A used pre owned BMW can get your reliably to where you need to go and is a sturdy car. Ask anyone whether they would buy a used pre owned BMW and they’re sure to say yes.

History Of The BMW

Rapp resigned from his company the Rapp Motoren Werke due to financial problems stemming from the aircraft engines in 1916. Two Austrian business partners began running the business, Franz-Josef Popp and Max Fritz. They merged with Gustav Otto and the company Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke was born. The company changed names to BMW and became BMW AG in 1918. A new engine for aircrafts at BMW was manufactured, the Type Illa. It was made in 1917 and had a high altitude carburetor that allowed the engine to develop full power at altitude. BMW engines became an in demand product and has led to the high value of pre owned BMW cars.

The follow up to this engine was created in 1919 and named Type IV. This new engine helped Franz Zeno Diemer set an altitude record. The engine helped power a biplane to 5,000 meters altitude in under a half hour. The logo that is seen on BMW automobiles today was crafted in the early 1920s and is modeled after an aircraft propeller’s circular design. BMW began to branch out and build motorcycle engines. They designed engines for the Victoria motorcycle that came out from 1920 to 1922. A motorized bicycle came along in 1921. A factory for BMW was built in 1922. The first BMW car came along in 1928. BMW experienced deep success from its beginning in technology for aircraft and its evolution to an automobile company.

Why You Should Buy A Used Pre Owned BMW

A used pre owned BMW is one of the best cars you will ever buy used. Its rugged and high quality engines provide the internal foundation for a strong car. This automobile will not break down on you or leave you stranded. Used BMWs have years of German craftsmanship behind them and are sturdy, reliable cars. BMW is part of German engineering and Germany is known for its reputation for finely crafted and reliable cars. BMW is a strong and quality brand that has a long history of producing fine work for everyday functionality and durability.