About Us

PCH Auto Sports is an American owned & operated boutique retail automotive dealer located in Dana Point, CA. Our goal is to provide clients with a superior automotive buying experience. PCH Auto Sports is located in the beautiful South Orange County region of California allowing us to acquire immaculate high end vehicles at remarkably low prices.

Unlike large dealerships, PCH Auto Sports offers top notch service coupled with wholesales pricing. We are able to do this due to our innovative business model.  We initially began as wholesalers, exporting one hundred to two hundred cars, trucks, and SUVs, per month to various countries and other states.    Every month, we would have an overflow of 10-20 vehicles that did not meet our over seas/inter state client’s requirements.  As a result, we would simply auction off these vehicles.  We noticed that our vehicles were bringing more than the “auction average” each time due to our vehicles being extra clean, problem free, and the most attractive.  Instead of passing these savings off to other dealers at the auction; PCH Auto Sports now passes these savings and ultra clean vehicles to…you.  Why go back and forth on pricing with a large dealer only to “feel” like you received a “deal?”  With our no haggle wholesale pricing…you can focus on the most important aspect of buying a vehicle: the CAR!

We hope you enjoy purchasing and driving our vehicles!